Marketing Clichés That are Killing Your Brand on Social Media

Marketing Clichés That are Killing Your Brand on Social Media
Social media is one tool that on one hand can cause a brand’s downfall but on other hand can also catapult your business to new heights. It also provides the consumer a medium to voice his/ her opinion so brands should be very careful while using specific words and phrases for audience engagement. Be it a small business or a startup, social media marketing plays an integral role in making a brand popular and successful. It is a powerful way to help a brand increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach.
Entrepreneur India lists out few social media marketing clichés that brands should avoid that can damage the brand image.
Being Different Is More Important Than Being Better :
For Jessica Singh, Director and Founder, Stanley communications, the one social media cliche that doesn’t give a brand or product an edge over its competitors is talking about being the best in their industry.
"It’s not always about taking your product to the next level, it’s about broadening the scope of your industry and being a part of it. Each brand has something different to offer to the customers so it’s not about being the best but about being different and still contributing well to your industry," shared Singh.
Balancing Text and Graphics:
A creative graphic in a social media post is more likely to grab attention than a plain text. As a result, to save time, many brands forget the importance of a text. 
Savera Hota, PR Account Executive, emphasized it's the content that informs the consumers about what the brand or product is. A social media cliche that bothers her is creative graphics with not enough content.
"Creative graphics are attractive and attract good enough audience but doesn’t inform them which results in losing your desired following. So I feel that it’s important to focus on content as much as you focus on graphics," said Hota.
Avoid Social Media Spam:
Social Media is inherent for a brand's success but if not used carefully, it can become a liability very soon.
According to Saket Agarwal, Founder and CEO, Lazy Jojo, spamming your customers with too many posts and not being able to achieve the delicate balance between organic and inorganic search in social media, are just a few mistakes that brands should avoid at all cost.]
"It can provoke a range of reactions, which include your customers getting bewildered in the quest to understand your brand or paying no heed to your post anymore.Hence social media can be a bliss or a boon, depending on how a brand uses it," he added.
Stop Posting Irrelevant Content :
Some Social Media marketers post content irrelevant to the business in the hope that their posts will reach lot more people and drive sales.
Abdulla Basha, Co-founder of  Social Frontier, feels one of the most common mistakes brands make is posting irrelevant content, just for virality.
".While the reach might be higher through social media post, most of it would be passive "Likes or Shares" which will not add any value to revenue. Also, frequently updating social media pages and announcing marketing messages to followers is a cliche that rookie digital marketing professionals make. Increasing frequency of such messages only annoy followers and drive people away from the brand," he added.


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