4 Ways to increase your Twitter engagement rate

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4 Ways to increase your Twitter engagement rate
Are you struggling to get people to see your tweets, your business or your personal brand on Twitter? Are you finding it hard to stand-out from everyone else on Twitter and be seen?
Here are 4 simple ways you can increase the engagement rate you get on Twitter.
The result in higher Twitter engagement rates? More leads, more sales and build stronger relationships with people (which is what social media is all about!)


You probably already know you need to be posting relevant content regularly on all your social media channels. But are you also tagging relevant people, businesses or publications in your tweets?
When you go to your Twitter news feed, you’ll be bombarded by lots of tweets from everyone you follow. The life of a tweet also doesn’t last very long and it’s easy for your Tweet to get lost in the Twitter universe along with everyone else.
By tagging people, you increase the chances your Tweet stands out and gets seen by more people.


As a best practice, I recommend you tag the person who created the content you’re sharing and the publication it appears on.
As you can see from the example above, this Tweet was written by @ChrisMarr and appeared on @HelloCMA
By tagging people you also increase the chances those people will retweet (share) it and you build stronger relationships with people in your community (as they will most likely thank you or be grateful you’re sharing their content)


If you want more people to notice you on Twitter, you need to take the first step and engage with other people first.
Who do you need to engage with? I recommend you start with your clients, potential clients, strategic partners and then some key influencers in your industry.
How do I find people to engage with?
To easily find the right people to engage with, you can organise your Twitter followers by using ‘Twitter lists’ or searching for like-minded people using hashtags or other keywords on Twitter search.
What do you mean by ‘engaging’ with people?
Get involved in the conversation. It can be as simple as leaving a ‘like’, retweeting others content or replying back to their tweets with a thoughtful comment.
Why is engaging with others important?
Twitter’s algorithm will show your tweets to those more likely to be interested in your content. By engaging with others first, they will usually engage with you back. This tells Twitter that your content is relevant to the people engaging with you and their more likely to see your Tweets in the future. In short, the more people you engage with, the more people who will see your tweets in the future.


If you go to (or know about) any events (either online or face to face), there’s a high chance that the event has a hashtag that everyone at the event is using.
If you can know what are the events your potential clients are using, then you can very easily find your potential clients, by searching for the hashtag on Twitter.
Then, if those are your potential clients, get involved with the people at the event. Follow them, like their tweets and if you can get involved in the conversation by adding more value, then go for it!
Some of those people will follow you back and engage back with you too which again increase the chances they will see more of your tweets in the future.
Top tip: Ideally if you’re going to the event, it puts you in a great position to engage and use the hashtag. However, even if you’re not at the event, you could still get involved and find the right people to connect and engage with. Whatever you do, don’t do nothing! Get out there, talk to people and engage with your potential clients wherever they may be.


There’s a right way and a wrong way to use Twitter DM’s. If you do it the right way, you can get some amazing results on Twitter. To help you out, here are a few do’s and don’ts when using Twitter DMs.
  • “Send a generic automated ‘thanks for following me!’ message.
Everyone does it. It’s boring and provides no value to people.
  • Send a message selling to people
Don’t sell. Always provide value first. There is a time and place to sell… but it’s not on Twitter DMs.
  • Talk about yourself too much
Don’t bore people with a long intro about who you are, what you do, etc. Make it always about them.
  • Automatically message everyone that follows you
There are tools that will automatically message everyone and anyone that follows you. There are times you can use automated messages to save you time, but it shouldn’t be used on everyone. It should be very targeted.
  • Send a specific conversational message to a specific type of person
Make sure the message is tailored to the type of person who receives it. For example, if you’re targeting business coaches/consultants and you send them a message, make it relevant to business coaches/consultants
  • Provide genuine value
The best way you can provide value to people is through free educational content that solves a problem your potential client has. Webinars, videos, blogs, etc are all content. It’s not so much about the format, but it’s more about the value you provide in the content.
  • Reply back and show that you’re human
When someone responds to your message, be sure to reply back if you can, so people see that you’re a real human whose answering messages and you’re not a robot. It also shows you care. Great relationships are built by having real conversations with people.
  • Message only people that follow you back
Don’t send random messages to people if they haven’t followed you. If people do follow you, it shows they are interested in what you do and then you can get to know the person a little bit better through a genuine and real conversation through Twitter DMs. You don’t have to message everyone that follows you, only pick out the ones you want to build a relationship with.


Because of being consistent with our Twitter strategy, we generate hundreds of new followers and get thousands of profile views and impressions every single month.
Here’s a screenshot of my Twitter analytics for last month:
As you can see these are pretty high stats from only 27 Tweets and it’s worth mentioning these stats are 100% organic since we spend zero on Twitter paid advertising.


If you found the above tips useful, then sign up for our free Twitter training, where I go through how you can generate leads every single month for your business on Twitter without spending a penny on paid ads.
See you there!

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