The Right Social Media Strategies Can Help Entrepreneurs Leapfrog

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The Right Social Media Strategies Can Help Entrepreneurs Leapfrog
Glen Gilmore, Principal at Gilmore Business Network, observes that a lot of people who are a part of the startup ecosystem in India don’t understand the real potential of social media. It is a great platform for startup entrepreneurs to connect with the right people whether it’s for obtaining venture capital, attracting the right talent or growing the community.
He thinks that the entrepreneurs should strike the right cord by deploying strategies that create a buzz on social media and generate interest among more and more people. They should leverage all possible tools and techniques to connect with the right community of people.  
“The strategy should be to share your passion because people in social media gravitate to the content that interests them. So whatever your startup is, if there is a genuine community then that community will find you if you are sharing your passion through social media by leveraging some of the tools and techniques be it hashtags, videos or live streaming,” added Glen Gilmore.
According to him, Indian entrepreneurs those he has come across are naturally charming and compassionate about their idea and the same charm should be shared along with their innovative ideas on the social media platforms.
“The Indian entrepreneurs that I have met are absolutely charming and they are on social media. They have to use the same social media platforms to share that charm along with great ideas,” acknowledged Glen.  
Finally, he believes that with time, entrepreneurs in India would be using social media to a greater effect and further goes on to state that “In the startup ecosystem of India, there are many talented young people and institutes like the IITs are providing a solid foundation to such creative minds to move forward with new startup ideas.” 

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