New Facebook Feature Allows Small Businesses to Integrate Messenger on their Websites

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New Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin Aimed at Small Businesses
Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) just introduced a new feature for its Facebook Messenger platform that will allow businesses to integrate Messenger into their own websites.

Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin

The Customer Chat plugin allows businesses to use one platform, Facebook Messenger, to manage live chat with customers whether they reach out via Facebook or on the company website, the company says. It also potentially makes it easier for businesses to be accessible for mobile consumers, since people can access Facebook Messenger from their phone, tablet, desktop or other devices.
This new plugin also allows businesses to keep chat history with different customers. So you’ll always have that context of past conversations to refer to, whether you’re chatting on Facebook or your website. The plugin also supports current Messenger capabilities like payments and rich media.
Today’s customers expect businesses to be accessible to them online. And they want to set the terms of those communications. So businesses need to be able to meet customers where they are to make communication as seamless as possible. The addition of this feature means that businesses will have a simple way to chat with customers in real time for sales or customer service purposes. And you’ll also be able to manage those communications from one central platform that gives you the context and extra features you need.
Customer Chat is currently in closed beta with select partners including Adore Me, Air France and Mermaid Pillow. But the company plans to open up the feature to more business users soon.
Tom Sailors, co-founder of Mermaid Pillow said in a statement to Small Business Trends, “Messenger has changed the way we communicate with our customers. It’s fast, personal, and familiar — to our team, and our customers. We’ve found it to be the easiest, most natural way to communicate with our customers, and potential customers, throughout the entire relationship. This is why we’re so excited to be one of the first businesses to use customer chat, which is making it easier than ever for us to connect with our customers on our website and in Messenger. With customer chat, conversations today feel just as connected tomorrow, because thanks to Messenger we are able to have context and history from previous interactions.”
If you’re interested in taking advantage of the Customer Chat plugin, you can sign up for a waitlist to be notified when your business is eligible to sign up for Customer Chat.

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