MoviePass: Unlimited New Movies for One Low Monthly Fee

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MoviePass is a new program that allows you to see unlimited 2D movies at your local movie theater for one monthly fee without any blackout dates, including opening day for new movies.
Let's take a look at how much it costs, how to sign up, what theaters you can use it at, how it works, and the restrictions you need to know before you sign up.

Signing Up for MoviePass

To sign up for MoviePass, visit or download the iPhone app or Android app to sign up through there.
You'll enter your mailing address so you can receive your MoviePass debit card and you can pay with credit card or Paypal. Your billing cycle won't begin until you receive your MoviePass debit card.
After you've signed up you'll be mailed the MoviePass debit card which you'll use to purchase your movie ticket at the theater. You'll need to wait the 5-7 days it takes to receive the card to start using MoviePass unless your theater supports MoviePass e-ticketing. 
Some movie theaters accept MoviePass e-ticketing, which means you can reserve your ticket through the app. Otherwise, you'll use MoviePass to purchase your ticket when you show up at the theater.

MoviePass Cost and Commitment

MoviePass cost $9.95 a month. Since many times a single movie ticket costs this much or close to it, the program will pay for itself after 1-2 visits a month. 
You can see one movie each calendar day with MoviePass, so it's possible to see 30-31 movies a month for just $9.95.
MoviePass now has a limited time offer where you can spend $89.95 for an annual subscription. This works out at $6.95 per month as long as you are willing to make the year-long commitment. This offer is open to new and exisisting customers.
You can also choose to spend an extra $10 a month to see 3D, IMAX, and ETX movies at participating AMC theatres.
MoviePass is a month-to-month service, so there's no year-long commitment. You can cancel at any time and it will go into effect on your next billing date. There are no cancellation fees whatsoever. Canceling is easy, you can do it right from your subscription settings in the app.

MoviePass Coupons and Free Trials

Right now there aren't any valid MoviePass coupons or free trials available. When there are coupon codes available, they'll be posted here.

MoviePass Theater List

MoviePass can be used at 91 percent of theaters around the country, which comes out to 3,700+ theaters. This includes some but not necessarily all Cinemark, AMC, Regal, and other popular movie theaters as well as smaller independent movie theaters.
You can use MoviePass at your local theater by putting your zip code into the app or the website to bring up a list of theaters in your area. You are able to do this before you sign up for MoviePass.

Using MoviePass

To use your MoviePass, you'll need to have a smartphone with the downloaded app. Enter your zip code or share your location to select the participating movie theater you'll be visiting.
When you get to the movie theater use the app to check into the movie you want to see.
It needs to be a movie that starts in the next 30 minutes or less.
After you check-in, MoviePass will load the price of the movie ticket, which depends on the theater you're at, onto the MoviePass debit card. You then use the debit card to purchase your ticket at a regular theater kiosk or the box office.
You'll receive a normal movie ticket which you can use to see your movie, just like you paid out-of-pocket for it.
If you're using MoviePass at an e-ticketing theater, the app will generate a code that you can show at the box office to get your ticket.
If you have problems using your MoviePass when you're at the theater redeeming it, there's a chat feature inside the MoviePass app so you can troubleshoot the problem with a MoviePass associate. If they're unable to help you through the problem, they may ask that you purchase the ticket out of pocket and then they will reimburse you later.

MoviePass Restrictions

MoviePass does have a few restrictions worth noting.
  • A MoviePass subscription is only good for one person, not a whole family or group. Each person would need to have their own MoviePass membership or purchase a regular ticket.
  • There's a limit of one MoviePass account per smartphone.
  • Your kids won't be able to use MoviePass, it's only for adults 18 years of age or older.
  • You can only see one movie a day with MoviePass.
  • MoviePass only works for 2D movies, 3D and IMAX movies are excluded as well as any film festival screenings or Fathom events. Basically, if the theater is going to charge more than a standard price for a movie, you can't use MoviePass or it.
  • Once you choose what movie you're going to see with MoviePass, you can't change your mind and see a different movie.
  • If there's a problem redeeming MoviePass at the movie theater, you'll only be refunded for an out-of-pocket purchase if a MoviePass associate approves it beforehand.
  • MoviePass does not reserve your ticket or seat unless the theater supports e-ticketing through MoviePass.
  • You can cancel a check-in for a sold out movie as well as if you've changed your mind before purchasing tickets.
  • You can't use MoviePass to purchase advanced tickets.
  • You can't share your MoviePass account and it's non-transferable.
  • MoviePass only allows you to see a particular movie once using their service.


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