Learn About Social Media Algorithms, Augmented Reality and More Changing Business Trends

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The tools, platforms and methods you use to grow your business are constantly changing. So you need to keep up with all the latest updates and trends. Members of the online small business community have some great insights about these changing tools and trends, ranging from social media algorithms to augmented reality. Read on for some helpful tips.

Don’t Let Social Media Algorithms Hurt Your Digital Marketing

Social media is an easy and free way to promote your business. But algorithms on certain sites can make it more difficult for your content to reach relevant audiences. To combat that, check out the insights and tips included in this Social Media HQ blog post by Chris Zilles.

Adapt Your Advertising Strategy to Apple’s Digital Cookie Blocking

Apple recently made some changes involving digital cookies in its new operating system. And this could impact the effectiveness of your online ads. Learn more about the changes and how you can adapt your advertising strategy in this Envision Creative blog post by Michael Cabriel.

Learn How Augmented Reality Could Change the Online Retail Industry

Augmented reality is a relatively new technology that could help retail businesses offer unique experiences for online shoppers. In this Noobpreneur post, Ivan Widjaya details how augmented reality could have a major impact on the online retail industry.

Make a Tweetstorm for the First Time

Twitter can be a great marketing tool. But sometimes the 140-character limit can make sharing certain sentiments difficult. That’s where Tweetstorms come in. Lisa Sicard of Inspire to Thrive shares more about Tweetstorms in this post. And the BizSugar community comments on the post too.

Use Facebook Audience Optimization for Better Organic Exposure

If you use Facebook to market your business, you can use the Audience Optimization feature to ensure that your posts reach the right people, even if you don’t want to spend big on advertising. This Social Media Examiner post by Anja Skrba includes more information about the feature and how you can use it to help your business.

Take Advantage of These Facebook Live Tools

Additionally, Facebook Live can prove to be a valuable marketing tool for businesses. And there are some specific features that you can use to really take advantage of the platform. Learn more about these essential tools in this Prepare 1 post by Blair Evan Ball.

Engage the Perpetually Connected Consumer

With all of the new tech tools and platforms consumers have access to today, marketing to them can get complicated. For more on how you can actually engage those perpetually connected consumers, check outthis blog post by Susan Solovic.

Learn About Changes to Square and Other FinTech Startups

Square and other financial technology companies are changing the way small businesses manage their finances. And some recent changes might also interest you as a small business owner. Jonathan Dyer of DyerNews elaborates here. And BizSugar members also share thoughts on the post.

Reach Local Customers with Google Posts

Google Posts is a free tool that small businesses can use to create online content that is easy for customers to find through searches. And it can be a great way for businesses to reach local consumers, as Bill Nagel explains in this Smallbiztechnology.com blog post.

Understand the Psychology Behind Facebook Likes

When it comes to connecting with customers on Facebook, new features and marketing methods can be helpful. But you can also consider consumer behavior and psychology to guide your decisions. Learn more about the psychology behind Facebook likes in this post by Neil Patel.
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