Get Money for Your Home Business without Going Into Debt

While starting a home business on a shoestring is possible, lack of funding is one of the top reasons businesses fail.  There are expenses that go into starting and running a business that you can’t skimp on if you’re serious about success. Yes you can get a free website, but they’re not as professional and often are difficult to market because of long complicated URLs and they promote other products or services.
You can market on social media for free, but building an email list is a better way to reach and stay connected with your market.  Depending on the business you run, you may need specialized equipment, software or materials to get your business off the ground. All of these things cost money.
Many would-be entrepreneurs tap into their savings, retirement or credit, or seek loans to fund their ventures. Many are successful using this method, but many are not. Instead they find themselves deeper in debt and struggling to make ends meet.
Fortunately, with a little self-discipline, elbow grease and ingenuity, you can get the money you need to launch your home business.
1. Save your pennies. Okay, so it will take a long time to save pennies, but you can save a few dollars here and there which can add up. Saving $25 a week, will give you $100 a month, $1,300 a year you can put towards your business.
If money is tight, look at expenses you can get rid of. Do you really need a $120 per month cable bill? Can you brew your coffee at home instead of spending $3 a day ($15 a week, $780 a year) at the java joint? Instead, take the money you spend on cable, coffee and other fun, non-essentials and invest it in your business.
Once you’re successful, you can get all those items you sacrificed for your startup.
2. Sell unused and unwanted items on eBay, Amazon or Craigslist. Whenever I was short on cash, I scoured my home for stuff I didn’t want or need and sold them on eBayand books on Amazon. You can maximize your income from selling used items by cleaning them up, taking a great picture, writing a compelling headline and description, and being completely honest about their condition and value.  If you choose to sell through Craigslist, make sure you meet potential buyers in a public place and ask for payment in cash or cashier’s check to avoid fraud.
3. Have a yard sale. Bikes, televisions and other large items are hard to sell online and a hassle to ship. Plus, selling online can take time. A yard sale allows you to sell your items all at once during one day. No packing or shipping required. It’s possible you’ll earn less for some items by selling them through a yard sale versus online, but you’ll have the money and the items out of your home faster.  Consider donating the items that don’t sell to your local charity. While this won’t make money, it does keep the items from cluttering your home again and you can take a tax deduction, which is money you get later.
4. Sell your service at a discount to the first 3-5 clients. One way to start generating money right away in a service-based business is to network to find clients. You probably already have a phone and Internet. Use them both to call potential clients and network with people who can connect you to prospects. Not only can this help you raise money quickly, but also it can jump start your business and garner referrals, as well.
Having a home business can save you money. Further, you can run a home business on budget. However, the most successful home businesses invest in products and services that allow them to reach their market, promote a professional image, and support growth.


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