Top online digital marketing platforms


Digital marketing platforms quick guide

Digital marketing platforms success factors

It's important to evaluate emerging digital marketing platforms carefully since it's impossible for most companies to invest in everything and use it well for marketing.
So evaluating new platform options is important. Typical issues to review include:
  • Current and predicted future levels of customer adoption
  • Competitor use and plans for new platforms
  • Revenue forecast for each channel based on sales-predictions or ad revenue
  • How use of new platforms can change brand-perception
  • Cost of implementation of new platforms and repurposing content for these platforms
  • Overall cost-benefit

Digital marketing platforms definition

Different people prefer to access digital media differently. Video marketing is the main platform we cover in this channel.


1. Hubspot

Hubspot is the first inbound marketing software that provides all the tools you need to improve and manage your online marketing strategy. Hubspot allows professionals to:
  • Attract leads by creating blog posts, infographics, ebooks, and videos that are engaging. It also helps you to optimize and share them on social media.
  • Convert leads by setting up converting landing pages and CTA buttons.
  • Collect information about your new customers to gain the loyalty of your buyers.
logo hubspot



2. Exacttarget

Now part of Salesforce, Exacttarget integrates many tools to manage digital marketing strategies. The aim of ExactTarget services is to improve and make relationships easier between brands and consumers. Emailing, mobile, social, web, marketing automation, data and analytics, platform; thanks to this multi-channel approach, ExactTarget  is one of the favorite online marketing platform.



3. Marketo

Marketo is a great marketing automation software. Thanks to its many applications and solutions, Marketo helps you to save time and to make multi-channel campaigns. This software is made for flexible online marketing strategies. It is easy to use, modern and powerful, this is why many online marketing professionals use it.

logo marketo 

4. Marin Software

Marin Software is an all integrated online marketing platform specialized in online advertising management. Marin Software offers complete solutions to win revenue online. Paid search, display advertising, social advertising as well as mobile advertising, this software was made to improve your websites’ ROI.
marin software logo

5. Vocus

Who has never heard of Vocus? This online marketing platform is a simplified inbound marketing software. Thanks to its marketing and PR software, Vocus delivers marketing success. Its solutions allow businesses to develop and manage their online visibility and attract new clients.
logo vocus

6. Raventools

Another full stack marketing software called: Raven Tools. Raven Tools is an online marketing platform that uses four levers of online marketing: SEO, social media, content marketing, and PPC. Raven Tools allows businesses to manage and make complete reports.
raventools logo

7. Webceo

Web CEO is one of the best SEO software for your SEO campaigns reports. Web CEO lets you search for keywords, optimize websites, and monitor performances. This software can automate SEO operations and make it easier for teamwork. Moreover, Web CEO’s B2B solution helps your business to add value to your CMS and to become their exclusive partner with a great white label option.

webceo logo

8. Ginzametrics

Ginzametrics helps you to find and optimize keywords that fit your websites and that improve your organic traffic. Its complete dashboard let’s you monitor search, content and social data to get recommendations. More than a SEO software, Ginzametrics is made to drive search and content ROI.
Logo ginzametrics

9. SEMrush

This SEO software is used by professionals to analyze keywords competition. By comparing traffic websites, checking ranked keywords, SEMrush gives many useful data for your SEO strategy. These functionalities can complete other information that you get from Google tools, such as Google keyword planner, Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tool; by getting related keywords, monthly research volume and figures about your organic keywords.
logo semrush

10. DOZ

Logo DOZ(Disclaimer, I’m working at DOZ
How can I not mention DOZ! Our online marketing platform is building something unique to help websites to grow their organic audience and reach new international markets.  Thanks to the curation of web marketers, DOZ is able to deliver ROI oriented campaigns  with a focus on Search Engines, Social Media and Content Marketing. DOZ also brings high transparency to online marketing by allowing its clients to access every single task composing a campaign.


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