The best budget smartphones in January 2018

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The best budget smartphones in January 2018

Do not look for budget smartphones in 2018, while there are flagships two years ago
We already know what the coolest mobile phones will be in 2018, but nothing is known about budget models until now. Because the best of them will be released on a residual principle in the middle or the second half of 2018. Until then, all manufacturers will be parasitizing and simply continue to wear stretched displays with an aspect ratio of 18: 9 (like Samsung S8) for smartphones with old processors and ancient cameras.
Two obviously good budget (in the "gray" retail) smartphone, which is worth waiting for in 2018 - is Nokia 6 (2018) and Xiaomi Redmi Note 5. The first has already disclosed all the details up to the price (~ 15 thousand rubles), but about the new Xiaomi rumors are still spreading. But it is known for sure that this will be a large "frameless" model with a fast processor above the average level and a capacious battery for ~ 12-14 thousand. If now it is worth saving money for something in the "bright budget future", then only for the sake of these two characters.

В китайских интернетах можно дёшево купить даже непопулярные сегодня «лопатофоны». Такие, как Xiaomi Mi Max 2
In Chinese Internet, you can cheaply buy even unpopular today "shovel". Such as Xiaomi Mi Max 2

In other cases it's better to rush to the other extreme - to look for cool smartphones of the past. They are few, they are sold for a pittance, even if they cost 2 times more "in their youth". Because with this approach you can take some LeEco Cool1 forgotten by all for 6800-7000 rubles and get the quality for which in Russia the 16,000-18000 yank. Or snatch a fast Lenovo with a record autonomy for 12 thousand. Or for the money to take the mostRead also
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quality smartphone with a huge screen like a tablet - Xiaomi Mi Max 2. It is in these mobile phones that you can not buy anywhere else (sometimes not even that cheap, but in general) and is the whole romance of foreign online stores. And not in the brazen producers who cut off the support of smartphones 4G-communication outside of China and sell trash with a stretched screen at the price of yesterday's models class higher.
However, this time a selection of the best inexpensive smartphones will consist of half of the novelties, half of the classic models, sometimes two years ago. Good mobile phones of all ages are submissive!

Xiaomi Redmi 4A / 5A - the cheapest smartphones in which everything works well

I'm betting that you are not only not surprised, but also disappointed with the situation when the same smartphone roams from an article to an article marked "the best of cheap". This is especially unfortunate in the "gray" retail, where, according to popular belief, "the Chinese release steep phones almost for free." In this case, let's take a look at what you have to choose from if you have a pack of cigarettes in your pocket 5000 rubles to buy a cell phone, a maximum of 6,000 rubles, and then, if you refuse to buy a cover and a film at the start.
"Young and hot" buyers for this money today even find "frameless" smartphones. For example, God forgive me, Leagoo Kiicaa Mix. Funny "bucket", in which the speaker can not be attached to the ear, because it ... placed on the upper edge. With the calculation for people whose ears are glued to the temple and hang horizontally, judging byRead also
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everything. Photos of the "funeral" quality for both cameras, normal (and even Full HD!) For this money screen, terrible quality speaker, no headphone jack and battery life on a part-time basis. Firmware "buggy", and each copy in its own way. For such a circus with horses ask 6 thousand rubles.

Alternative? Doogee Mix Lite, for example - the worsened version of the mediocre flagship, the clone Xiaomi Mi Mix. Horror, but already under a different sauce. With peeling paint on the body, bad microphones (you during a conversation will hear how from the toilet, you will not hear the interlocutor much better). A "flesh" in the fact that the second rear camera is in the table of characteristics, there is on the case, but ... is not used in the shooting! Just "pimple" on the body for beauty and in order to sell the mobile phone is more expensive.
Even cheaper - even more fun, only without the support of 4G and a smaller percentage of efficient smartphones among all released. But today we will do without an article-anecdote about "basement" Chinese mobile phones, but rather we will point out those that, with an affordable price, are manufactured qualitatively.

Xiaomi Redmi 5A
There are several such smartphones - classy in all respects, but already living out their life without spare parts and firmware updates LeEco Le2 / Le2 Pro / Le S3, Honor 6A with its awful display and "any kind of" camera, but a cool processor and good autonomy. Meizu M5c, which is slightly better than Honor, but still falls short of Xiaomushki. And finally, two identical Xiaomi A-series faces are not the most powerful for their money, but budget smartphones that are ideal for all other characteristics.
Bright, quality, perfectly configured screens, fast and convenient (for all, except religious fans of "pure Android") shell system, excellent autonomy, good cameras. Yes, the case is plastic and not very sturdyRead also
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to the standards of Xiaomi - fans who are used to metal Redmi, first squeezed the body and yelled "Oh my God, he bends! Xiaomi rolled off! ". Yeah, and your bones break if something heavy falls on your foot, but no one is in a hurry to remodel himself in Robocop.
I agree with those who immediately note that Xiaomi Redmi 4X 2/16 GB is only worth a couple of thousand more expensive compared to 4A / 5A, but it's better on the head. But, ladies and gentlemen, not everyone was lucky to be born unemployed Muscovites, so let's be frank - if there is only five thousand rubles for the purchase, there is no better option than the plastic junior Xiaomi. Choose from this twins one that is cheaper, because Redmi 4A / 5A practically do not differ in filling.

ZTE Nubia M2 - a good model of the middle class, which fell in price by 2 times

ZTE - these are the "Lada" in the world of smartphones. Occasionally this brand has masterpiece narrowly specialized models (Axon 7, Nubia Z11), as well as AvtoVAZ, the legendary "Niva" happened. And in most cases ZTE is made cheap by technically backward mobile phones, which, in the spirit of the same "Zhiguli-classics", buy for reasons "it's worse, but here it's even cheap".
To get rid of the brand of the manufacturer "for those who have nowhere else to go," Avtovaz sold half of its shares to Frenchmen from Renault. But ZTE was already a half-state company, and as soon as the government worried about the question "why are such lousy smartphones, comrades?", In 2012, a subsidiary of Nubia was born - one of the first attempts of the Chinese to learn how to make cool smartphones.

It can not be said that all Nubia was a real "premium", but to the level of consumer models (as Huawei and Honor did), ZTE did not drop its child, while making its "daughter" profitable, but not ditched and closed like this happened at Lenovo. As a result, in the first months after the release with slightly overpriced recommended prices Nubia "breathes in the back" the best Chinese smartphones, and after the prices are down, it overtakes competitors in terms of price and quality. Nubia M2 - from the same opera.
M2 was born in March 2017 and when ordering from China was at least 22 thousand rubles. Not to say that it is very expensive, but from China for half the amount you could order 10-core Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, and in Russia this
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smartphone did not even try to sell, because with all the cheating of local "surveillance" smartphone would be more expensive than any Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016), and for the Chinese manufacturer it was a death like. After that, everyone forgot about the good, but too expensive M2 ... and now it has fallen in price from 22 to 9 thousand rubles!
And now he wants to lay out his hard earned money. Because you get a mobile phone with Full HD AMOLED-display (like the more expensive Samsung Galaxy J7 2017, for example), a fast processor for applications and a normal one for games. And also - a large battery (3630 mAh) in a very thin case, fast charging, a Sony rear camera Sony at the back and 16 Mp for Selfie + USB-C connector instead of the outdated micro-USB.

ZTE does not know how to properly configure even high-quality cameras, so in the auto-mode in the evening and at night Nubia M2 punches the shame instead of normal photos and you can fix it only with manual settings. But even in auto mode, the M2 takes a little better pictures of the Redmi Note 4. And it works a little longer on the battery.
"Why not Redmi 5 Plus," you ask? Because it looks cheaper, it takes longer to charge, it's worse than the sound in the headphones, the front camera is worse, and the case is noticeably larger, albeit at the expense of the extended display. And Redmi 5 Plus with 4/64 GB of memory and is not expensive - 11.5-13 thousand rubles.
At the same time, it is worth acknowledging that the fifth Redmi Plus shoots the photo a little more qualitatively (Xiaomi is also "twisted" in terms of algorithms, but not as much as ZTE), and it already has Android 7.1 on it, while the Nubia M2 came with Android 6.0 Yes, with it, apparently, and will rest.
But here and now it is a very beautiful and clever smartphone at a ridiculous price - it looks like M2 just 20 thousand rubles, which he was asked for at the start of sales. Worthy of buying, even with all the shortcomings.

LeEco Le Pro 3 Elite (X722) - the flagship processor, stereo speakers and the flagship processor at a cost of budget "dodoyag"

I lost count of how many times I have already told how the Chinese from LeEco initially took fright at all competitors when they began to lose money, sell flagship smartphones for nothing and buy the most expensive advertising, and then they climbed into wild debts and almost immediately broke up .
I will not paint this again, because I feel like a walking crier of the "Gospel of Kharitonov." Fans of smartphones remember perfectly well what happened, and if you are only interested in smartphones only occasionally, know: LeEco is one of the most legendary manufacturers of Chinese cool smartphones for pennies. It's a pity that because of the incompetent leaders, the company died so quickly.
But smartphones are left! And now they are distributed on the principle of "buy at least for some time!" Sellers who are afraid not to sell the model of a non-existent company in the future.

If you ever wondered how much the Chinese flagship is close to that of the Samsung and other Sonya, you know that such models (Honor 8, Huawei P9, Xiaomi Mi5, Xiaomi Mi 5s) will, in the most optimistic estimates, fly you in 17 thousand rubles . Sometimes even more expensive, because the subsequent "top smartphones" from China are more expensive and do not lose much in price. The Chinese, after all, also do not fool the price when they see that Laovai grab their products and ask for more.
So - the flagship LeEco Le Pro 3 Elite with the Snapdragon 820 processor (the level of LG G6, Sony Xperia XZs, Motorola Moto Z) is now given for 9300-10000 rubles! This is a smartphone that is about 4 times more powerful than Nokia 3, Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 or Xiaomi Redmi 4A which you vparit for 10-13 thousand in Russian cellular stores. Only LeEco has a cool display, 4000 mAh in a battery under a high-quality ultra-thin metal casing and loud stereo speakers.

What's the catch? And there are several of them at once. First, you buy a smartphone made by the Chinese for the Chinese - in Russia Le Pro 3 was sold in a slightly different performance and not very long. Sellers in stores do not want trouble, so they installed Google Play (which in China is banned, if you suddenly did not know), and transferred Android to Russian. But if the firmware "flies" - namuchaetes, if you are not a "computer engineer". In the first place, spare parts will also need to be ordered from China. And in Le Pro 3 is not so cool camera, as in the same Honor 8 or Xiaomi Mi5 - the smartphone shoots at the level of good mobile phones worth 15-17 thousand in Russian stores. Not that everything was bad, but not "wow, what a camera!".
And yet the courage of the city is taking - this is a real smartphone-"airplane" for speed, sound quality, screen and even autonomy. If you are not a photographer and do not climb into the "hard-to-reach places" of the firmware of the mobile phone - you are crazy about the price-quality ratio in the purchased mobile phone. But those who manage to pick up viruses on Android or often drop the smartphone on imprudence, I advise you to refrain from buying - a damaged "fossil" smartphone in Russia you nowhere will not be in order.

LeEco Le Pro 3

Meizu M6 Note - "the golden mean" by characteristics

In recent years, Meizu disappoints. If earlier it was one of the best, the most audacious, the most technologically advanced manufacturers of china phones, then from 2016 the guys almost always play the fool, at least modify old models and always remain the worsened version of Xiaomi for the same money. Low-power processors in "budget", bad cameras in the flagships, problems with autonomy in smartphones, which finally fell in price to an adequate level (greetings, Meizu Pro 6). In general, it has already begun to seem that the place is damned if it were not for a couple of pleasant exceptions.
In a budget class, this is, of course, the recent Meizu M6s, which is fast-paced with these your Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, but unlike Xiaomi does not look like a freak with plastic "crutches" at the back cover. And among the models, the M6 ​​Note turned out to be a little more expensive.
At first, few people noticed M6 Note because of absolutely "freezed" prices - from 17 thousand for 3/16 GB in Russia and "like" $ 200 in China, although the first months on sale was only a version with 3/32 GB for 15 thousand . Wishing to overpay for a "belated copy of Redmi Note 4" as much as 5 thousand rubles was not enough, and cheap cameraphones continually dived cheaper Xiaomi Mi5, Mi5s, from below they were "propped up" by Huawei nova / nova Plus. And all was well. In addition to Meizu, who got into trouble due to their inadequate prices for the year.
But at the end of January 2018, the situation changed somewhat. First, Mi5 and Mi5s turned into expensive rarities, Honor 8 also became relatively rare to flash on sale. And the competitors were born close to the price of "frameless" models - Honor 7X from Huawei and Redmi 5 Plus from Xiaomi. As a result, Meizu retreated and slightly lowered the price of the M6 ​​Note. Now it's different!
For this money, I usually recommend to purchase the Huawei nova or nova Plus mentioned above (G9 Plus, Maimang 5, as they are called in their homeland by the Chinese). But the first "small" nova today is more interesting for fans of compact mobile phones than for a wide audience. In addition, it has long been removed from the assembly line, ads for its sale are thinning every week, and the M6 ​​Note is a fashionable shovel in the prime of life.
However, Nova Plus is still a cool alternative. If you value intelligent smartphone in the camera and prefer a less hardy, but thinner smartphone - you can safely buy, the option with 32 GB will cost 12 thousand rubles.

Only this time I will give preference to M6 Note. Firstly, because it is sold with the Chinese firmware (version M721Q) for 9000-9500 rubles in a solid configuration of 3/32 GB. For anyone who knows how to "reconfigure" smartphones into Russian + Google Play on their own, this is a very advantageous offer.
And for all the rest on Aliexpress there are plenty of ready-to-use M6 Note with 3/16 GB for 9500-9800 rubles and 3/32 GB for 9800-11000 rubles. Frameless display, as in Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, for this money you, alas, do not get. But get a little more autonomy, a more intelligently tuned sound in headphones, a better front camera and a noticeably steeper dual camera on the back of the case.
Honestly, the camera + autonomy + the prevalence of the smartphone - the decisive factors in favor of Meizu. M6 Note, if you did not know, received the Sony IMX362 sensor - the same as in the much more expensive ASUS ZenFone 4 Pro or HTC U11 / U11 +. "Glass" (lens), of course, Meizu less qualitative, and there is no optical stabilization in order to insure photos from shaking hands. But the correct color rendition and less nonsense in the shooting algorithms (for example, always adequate ISO values ​​and less that you do not shine on camera-cheaters = less peas in the pictures) is what the M6 ​​Note puts on the scapula all the same " most likely opponents ", especially when shooting in poor conditions.

Meizu M6 Note
During the day, the M6 Note takes a wonderful photo, at night it's normal. If you master the manual settings - even better. Taking into account the fact that the display / autonomy / speed of work at Naut is also OK, and the price is already lower than that of other smart budget cameras, I see no reason not to buy such a mobile phone if you need "just a little".

Honor 8 - good camera and cool processor for a song

Here it is, class stratification - when you see in Chinese online stores about the same smartphones for 10 and for 17 thousand rubles. Because LeEco mentioned above proves to be better than expensive Xiaomi Mi Note 2 or overvalued ZTE Nubia Z17 mini, and older versions of Honor 7X / Nova 2i for 15-16 thousand - it's too expensive for a budget mobile phone tuned with an elongated screen. Like all the Huawei P10 Lite, which added in price only due to the prestigious name. You can, of course, "prikolnutsya" and buy ZUK Z2 Pro, but give for a dead miscarriage of Lenovo 17 thousand - a pleasure for an amateur.
Remaining cheap smartphones of the middle class from the past (ASUS ZenFone 3 ZE552KL, Huawei nova / nova 2), the only good new "average" (Xiaomi Mi Note 3) and flagships of 2016, which are still better than all budget modern models (ZTE Axon 7, Xiaomi Mi5s, Honor 8). Among this zoo only the last category stands head and shoulders above the four smartphones you read about in this article - on it and you need to concentrate to buy the "thing!" At a reasonable price.
Honor 8
Axon 7 among the old flagships takes the worst photos, and is prone to overheating (and power loss due to it), if you torture it with games. Xiaomi Mi5s prices can not be folded - the consequence of the buzz and the willingness of fans to buy models - "idols" at any price. Honor 8 is no longer so fashionable - Huawei switched the attention of customers to new smartphones. And it is not easy to find it on sale even in China. But it's worth it - you get a mobile phone with a speed level of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and a camera level of the Apple iPhone 6s / Nokia 8 at a cost of budget junk.
Of course, Honor 8 is also not a super-racing smartphone because of the glass case (they always form a "bath" for the processor) and the autonomy in it is strictly one-day, but for Full HD-screen power still suffices, and the speed of work is all yet the smartphone is above average, but at a moderate Chinese price. It is necessary to take.

Honor 8


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