Pinterest Marketing Tips (NOT) Just for Fitness Professionals

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Pinterest is arguably the premier visual social media marketing website for Internet marketing today. Its simple to use pinning features allows entrepreneurs to build a community of like-minded people by offering them images, photos and infographics that can really make a difference in their lives.
If you are a certified fitness professional or athletic trainer, Pinterest is especially well-suited for you.The health and fitness niche is one of the most lucrative niche markets in the world, and if you can integrate a strong online campaign with your work in the gym, it can mean:
  • An enhanced reputation with current clients, colleagues and gym management.
  • Growing your personal customer base as an independent consultant (in-home).
  • More attention from fitness and health bloggers, traditional media outlets.
  • Motivational speaking and other live event appearances.
There is no mystery for succeeding with Pinterest. Breaking down the main components of fitness pins will guarantee you great feedback and inspire you to extend beyond pre-defined job functions.
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1. A Strong Goal-Oriented Headline

A successful Pin starts at the top, so think about a short but punchy headline that speaks to the fitness goals sought out by your readers.
“Burn more fat faster than ever.”, “Bodyweight exercises for business travelers”, and “7 Killer Abs Exercises” are examples of goal-oriented headlines that will bring in a targeted audience ready to view your solutions for specific fitness goals.
Once hooked, you can offer people the necessary infographics and images to get them started with building muscle, losing fat, gaining strength or something else.

2. Sub-headline Follow-up

Quite often, everyone will come with the same cliched fitness-related headlines re. weight loss, hypertrophy, muscle mass gain etc.That's why a snappy subheading is often the necessary trigger for views, pins, and re-pins.
Let's take one example:
Bodyweight exercises for business travelers
             Forget the gym, lose your gut in the hotel room.
The underlined subheading, “Forget the gym, lose your gut in the hotel room”, reinforces the benefits that people will presumably derive from your fitness pin, namely:
  • No need for a gym or gym equipment (other than possibly free weights).
  • Time savings.
  • Getting lean and toned with the highlighted exercise sequence.

3. Text Descriptions with Physical Illustrations

Do a clear write-up of the exercise and break them up into demo images as required (e.g. Step A, Step B etc.). If part of the exercise requires special attention and deserves to be highlighted, add a separate image to showcase it (e.g. starting position, midway position, ending position).
This presentation technique can be employed for one exercise, a series of related exercises (arms, back, legs, abdomen), or military-style circuits like the famous Spartacus Workout.

4. Attractive Color Schemes

You want to be noticed on Pinterest, and using the right colors can help you in that vain. Black, red and yellow are among the most popular colors used in the fitness niche, but there are no hard and fast rules to follow.Try things out, and remember that plain white can be your best friend if you need to write more detailed exercise descriptions.

5. Link Back to Your Own Website

While some of your pins may be self-sustaining as a workout or workout advice for your readers, you should link back to your own self-hosted blog or website. This gives people further opportunity to judge your expertise and decide if they will know, like, and trust you moving forward. Chances are that they will connect to you in some manner once they see that you are a serious fitness professional. In addition to Pinterest communication, they may sign up for your email newsletter, or bookmark your blog for future reference.
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Finals Thoughts on Pinterest Marketing for Fitness Professionals

Pinterest gives both established and upcoming fitness trainers the same chance at online success, provided they deliver advice and exercise themes that relate to their audiences needs' and desires.
Use your creativity and physical fitness insights to expand your audience and grow your personal brand.
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