A GuideHow to Use Twitter Cards to Get More Traffic

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Are Twitter Cards really the next best way to get more traffic to your website?
Twitter Cards allow entrepreneurs and marketers to expand upon basic one-hundred forty (140) character tweets to drive more traffic to their websites for increased attention. By letting you use images, video, and rich media in your messages, Twitter becomes the ideal intermediary between your followers and the primary business web content that leads to sales.Why are Twitter Cards raising the bar for online entrepreneurship and specifically traffic generation via social media? Here are some reasons why Twitter Cards are such a powerful tool:

1. Twitter Cards Create the Essential Multiplier Effect

Being ‘Liked’ and retweeted without thought is OK, but Twitter Cards can give you so much more! Using Cards not only makes your initial message more attractive to direct followers, but they give you opportunities to impress their followers, too!
All it takes are a few lines of HTML code onto your web pages, and people who tweet links to your content will have a “visible” card added to the tweet – visible to all of their followers, too.
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2. Twitter Cards Support and Enhance Your Text Messages

On their own, text messages may do enough to bring followers and casual folks to your websites.  After all, they do a good job of highlighting your current offers.
However, ignoring the power of Twitter Cards denies your campaign of some great leveraging tactics.  For example:
  • Adding brief descriptions of your campaign's theme and the website URL.
  • Images to make your tweets stand out in a crowd. This is especially effective for travel, food, sports and recreation-oriented niches.
  • An associated call-to-action (CTA) that is strong and further highlights your ad campaign's direction. Perhaps in conjunction with a CTA button.

3. Twitter Card Versatility is the Word

Whatever your campaign goals are, Twitter has a card to suit your needs. Check out what the microblogging site offers to both web-based and mobile clients:
  1. Summary Card: Enter a title, description, thumbnail, and Twitter account attribution.
  2. Summary Cards with Large Images: Similar to ordinary summary cards, but with prominently featured images.
  3. Player Cards: Cards that offer rich audiovisual and multimedia experiences.
  4. App Cards: A card that details mobile applications with direct downloads.
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4. Monitoring of Twitter Card Performance through Twitter Analytics

As with conventional Twitter advertising, you can monitor card performance with its analytics facilities. From your Card dashboard, use Twitter Card Analytics to improve different metrics, including retweets, URL clicks, and your followers' app install attempts.
There are various card analytics features to explore, like:
  • Your Snapshot: Offers a visual (holistic) view of your content performance, including the number of Tweets containing a link to your website or application (specifically your tweets, global tweets).
  • Change Over Time: Linear graph that shows how your overall data (tweets, clicks, impressions) has changed over time.
  • Card Types: Allows cross comparison of click rates from your different card types.  It also includes average click-through rates (CTR) for other sites, allowing you to compare your results with those of other sites.
  • Sources: Segments your impressions and URL clicks according to the widgets (e.g. TweetDeck), apps, and websites that your influencers tweet from.

5.  Twitter Cards is Quick to Implement

You can get up and running with Twitter Cards in less than thirty (30) minutes with minimal code additions to your web pages, and simple validation of your card (N.B. Player Cards require a request approval for whitelisting.).

Final Thoughts on Using Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards help turn your feed into a lead-producing and traffic generating juggernaut.
Whether you own an e-commerce shopping mall, a political blog, or a basic landing page, they help you attract the right audiences to your website with a mere click from their timeline.

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