Mobile Continues to Dominate Marketing Opportunities, But Brands Should Consider What's Next

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Tom Edwards, chief digital officer, agency at Epsilon sat down with Entrepreneur Network partner Jeffrey Hayzlett at the C-Suite Conference in San Francisco to talk about the future of marketing, the infusion of voice-based technology into consumer products and how brands should shift from social media to social messaging strategies.
“Disruption is the new normal,” Edwards says, referencing the evolution of marketing due to new advancements in consumer connection, cognition and immersion. He adds that over the past five to 10 years, marketers have focused primarily on the open web and social media, but as social messaging surpasses social media in monthly active users, consumers are looking for conversational experiences with brands. Marketers need to adapt their strategies to focus on knowing their customers and activating communications at the moments that matter. Additionally, Edwards predicts that in the next few years, we will begin to see new immersive experiences, like social messaging married with artificial intelligence and holographic computing, continuing to redefine how marketers connect with consumers.

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