Top 10 Best Tech Websites and Blogs 2018: Updated


Here is list top 10 Tech News Websites


TechCrunch The latest technology news and information on startups
The website caters to the tech enthusiasts. It provides all the information related to new technology and new gadgets. It also reviews new internet portals and products. It provides the information on latest apps as well, like WhatsApp, etc. The services, events and products launched by various Giants in the market like Dell, Microsoft, Apple, etc. are covered extensively.


The Next Web - Best Tech Websites
With more than 7 million monthly visits this website is a real gem for technical geeks. The business and culture related to new technology is discussed in detail on this website. The appealing part is the focus on the next generation gadgets as well.
It provides the latest news on games, software, designer assets, web services and gadgets launched in the market. There is a comprehensive coverage of the lifestyle products as well. These features enable the website to attract around 10 million page views per month.


WIRED - Best Tech Websites
The website stands out from the rest because of its exhaustive and extensive coverage of technical news reports. The future trends in technology are discussed in detail. It apprises its users with latest news about new gadgets, security devices, video series, science and entertainment. What’s engrossing and fascinating is its venture This foray of the website is a paradise for web developers and web designers because of the valuable information they get.


Tech2 - Best Tech Blog
This website is an endeavour of Network18. It is prominently liked for its amazing assortment of videos, photos and podcasts about the latest technology. Its reviews on new gadgets like mobile, home theatres, tablets, laptops and gaming devices are equally enlightening. Its amazing feature of “How to Tab” teaches some incredible things. The site is also among the best as it compares various websites and new gadgets comprehensively.


Gizmodo India - Best Tech Blog
The gadget lovers simply cannot miss the temptation of visiting this website several times a day. This is because the website provides the best guide for gadgets. It displays the latest news for Apple ios, android and windows operating system. This website is the ultimate stop for gadget lovers. All the latest gadget launches including Smartphone’s, Tablets, Cameras, iphone, etc. are discussed.
Further, the reviews on the products launched equip an individual to choose the best product according to his requirements. The news on software launched and their function enhances the technical knowledge immensely. All this fully satiates the gadget nerds looking for up-to-date technical information


CNET Product reviews how tos deals and the latest tech news ensures to create an enlightened society. It offers news on a wide range of technological products including computer, mobile, photography, security, tech culture, tech industry, internet, Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. The website offers well-researched news articles which are edifying and educational.
The section on video has a far-reaching appeal and is liked by a lot of people. This is because of the lucid explanation the video provides about the various products and trends. Videos on various topics like latest news and products of Apple, Face book, iphone, etc. are very beneficial and keep the people well adept with the latest trends and products available in the market.


Mashable best tech news site
With more than six million social media followers the website is a dreamland for tech enthusiasts. It provides the ultimate bliss for the tech aficionados. It has an incredible array of dazzling videos about the latest technology including various applications, software, design, etc. It provides all the vital and latest resources, news and information related to technical advancements.
Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that it has more than 20 million unique visits till date.


The Verge - Best Tech Websites
The website is particularly paramount for its insightful and meticulous reviews about new products launched in the market. The website is an epitome of earnest endeavour towards enlightening the society.
The product information provided is precise. The website has a matchless for its contribution towards the betterment of the society. The reports it offers on how the technology affects the society are distinctive and outstanding.
digitaltrends - Best Tech Websites
The slogan of the website “upgrade your lifestyle” unmistakably unveils the motto and goal of the website. The website aims at apprising people with the latest state of the art technology in vogue. Its extensive information on a wide range of products is mind-boggling.
The website covers breaking news for mobiles, gaming devices, home theatres, computers, laptops and lifestyle products. There is plenty to know about cars, music and photography. Moreover, its coverage of news for apple and its products is simply startling. The best iphone applications are covered on the website. There is a plenty of information which one can amass by visiting this website.
techradar - Best Tech Websites
The website is useful for its thorough and far-reaching coverage of newly released mobiles, laptops and tablets. It has a unique feature of rating tablets and mobiles. The rating is done after a detailed research and the results are thus very helpful when it comes to choosing the best.
Anyone who is looking to buy new mobile phone or a tablet can visit the website to see the ratings. The ratings are done on the basis of experience of the users and their reviews.
It also provides the latest news for operating systems based on android. The availability of the latest apps, and their features is discussed in detail.
Besides this, there is a lot of information for car lovers. It gives a detail description about the technology added to the modern day cars. It gives a comparison of various features of the technology used in cars presently. This goes a long way in ensuring that one buys the best suitable car for himself.


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